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    VoIP & Telephone System Provider

    VoIP Telephone System Provider

    At N-CIS we try to find the right services and suppliers to help us deliver total solutions for our clients, we do this because it’s easier for our clients to have a one stop shop / point of contact and cost savings. As a commitment to this concept we have become accredited partners of a local VoIP (Voice over IP) provider. Many people are familiar with Skype, the principal being quite similar – you make a phone call via your computer or via a phone plugged into your internet connection. You can have all the benefits of a modern Phone system without the capital expenditure and you can get new features as they come out.


    Historically, people have queried the reliability / call quality, we have addressed these issues with our current IT experience, we can both build in resilience into the solution and offer traffic prioritization so that if one person is watching a training video on the web it wont impact the bandwidth available for that important voice call.


    With the increasing roll out of fibre broadband this technology is set to replace the ‘traditional phone system’ (PBX/PABX). For the reasons below.

    • Cost saving, lower call rates.
    • No capital outlay for phone system (excluding handsets)
    • No service charges on maintenance of phone system
    • Portability, you can work from home or move office easily, no need to pay moving charges to a telco and order new phone lines, as long as you have a minimum of one fibre broadband or 1 standard broadband dedicated to voice traffic, to can simply plug in your phone and make calls. if you have more than one phone and your old office still has internet then you can move staff over slowly and have no downtime on phone calls.
    • Soft phones, you can even make calls using your computers speakers and microphone as part of your business system.
    • Multi site environments, you can have free calls between your handsets wherever they are in the world, even if you are simply regional or have more than one office or working from home.
    • Inherent resiliency, if you have more than one location if you lose internet other offsite/non office based colleagues can pick up the calls until the internet comes back.


    If you have any questions then please call 01638 578913 ask for Adam or email .

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