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    Fast Fibre Broadband & Leased Lines

    Fast Fibre Broadband

    As part of our commitment to our clients to offer a total solution for ‘Comms’ for the SME market, we need to be able to provide a supportable internet connection partly for the traditional ‘Data’ but also for the upcoming and bandwidth critical ‘Voice’ traffic.


    As a result we have partnered with an ISP to be able to deliver a range of Internet services.


    So if you are not lucky enough to be in a Business park with a Shared Leased line then perhaps you are in an area that fibre is now available, be can offer various speeds to our clients starting from just £26* per month + VAT , installation and suitable termination equipment not included. If you have been a client with us for a while then you may we have a managed Sonicwall firewall with us, if this is the case then we can terminate your connection directly on that so no router or static range of IP addresses and associated monthly cost.


    *speed cap 40/10 and in areas of LLU.


    Prices for a dedicated 100mb Circuit are coming down all the time, subject to site survey they can be rented from approx £370 + VAT per month (30/100) with no install when contracted for 3 years. If your business requires dedicated bandwidth inbound and outbound then this may be your solution.


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