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    IT Backup & Business Continuity

    IT Cloud Backup



    N-CIS back-up is a service designed to offer an automatic protection of your core data. We understand the ramifications of loosing either total, or partial loss of data through inadequate or none existent back-up procedures.


    Recent surveys have shown that a company not able to completely recover from a data loss situation within 7-14 days from the date of loss, it is highly likely to go out of business within 6 months from that date.


    We typically offer 50gb storage for just £25 per month to our servers in Germany. Your data is sent and stored encrypted via your broadband connection to the servers. This service is meant to augment your existing onsite back-up procedure, as we feel that you should have 2 different types of back-up. So, where ever you are based in East Anglia its good to have your data stored in a secure cloud platform 100’s of miles away.



    • Automated – runs at a set time each night and notifies us if it fails.
    • Encrypted – 256bit
    • Stored in another country – to keep data geographically spread.
    • Scalable – should more data be required.



    We have partnered with a company to offer the next generation of Back-up solutions, it is great to have data on your server with a proper RAID array, USB drive swaps taken off site and a daily copy of your business critical data encrypted in the cloud. However, this does not cover you fo the loss of business to get your server backup and your users/staff backup and working. This can be done in several ways a duplicate of your server can be set-up in the cloud synced from your live server in your office, if you server blows up/ destroyed by Ransom ware you can power it down and with a clever little box in your office redirect your requests to the cloud server in a few mins. This leaves IT to rebuild the server without downtime for staff. This and more starts from just £99 + VAT per month.

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